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Drop-down list for related table doesn't work

Question asked by KeithNJ on Oct 28, 2011
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Drop-down list for related table doesn't work


It seems odd that Filemaker can't do this.  I have a layout based on my MAIN table, which contains a field called "personid" that is a numeric foreign key to another table called PEOPLE.  I need the drop-down list to show the names of everyone in the PEOPLE table, in addition to the name of the current person at the top.  When I update the field in the layout, it should update the personid in the MAIN table (to point to whoever is in the PEOPLE table).  It need not change the value of anything in the PEOPLE table.  There's nothing special here, just your basic relational database form control.

I am able to get exactly the correct desired behavior using a POP-up Menu in the Field/Control Setup, but do not see how to make it work with a Dropdown-List.  I understand completely how to create a dynamic value list and show only the second field, etc., etc.  When I change the Control Style to drop-down list, it works correctly, except that the existing value shown is only that of the numeric personid instead of the person's name. 

Is there a script I can use to change that field from showing the personid, to the full name?  I am coming at this from a mysql and Access background.

Many thanks!