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Drop-down list linked to a second drop-down list

Question asked by MalcolmGarbett on Aug 22, 2014
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Drop-down list linked to a second drop-down list


Background. Me.

     New job, inherited a business-wide FileMaker deployment, created over many years by at least two people. In amongst my skillset I have databases and SQL and spend a lot of my working time in MS SQL. Through tutorials, training manuals and google been able to sort everything so far required in FM, but a little stuck on something, so thought I’d post here.

Background: My question.

     There are a series of linked tables handling test/quality and there is an entry form for users to add “issues.” Each issue must be linked to a code.

     All of this is already set up and is working.

     Now, in order to better analyze issues, I have been asked to add a “top level” or “parent” code.

     To do this I have created a new table and linked the existing code table to it, entering data as appropriate. So every existing code now has a “parent.”

     Now I’m “stuck” on the form.

     Form has a box where the user clicks and the drop-down list displays all of the existing codes. The user selects the correct code and that updates the “issues” table with the correct code.

     What I need to do is: Have a drop-down box that lists the (new) “parent code”, and when the user selects the appropriate code a second drop-down list display the (existing) “child” codes that are linked to the “parent” code


     Parent Code = AD (Administration)

     Child codes =

     RC (Route Card)

     NF No Fault

     PP Part Purchasing

     User would choose AD from the drop down, then is presented with a drop down of NF and PP, and this selection is what updates the “issues” table.


     Hopefully this makes sense and I haven’t gone overboard on detail.