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drop-down lists not working from FM9 (windows) to FM11 (mac)

Question asked by PeteTheFreeze on Aug 4, 2012
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drop-down lists not working from FM9 (windows) to FM11 (mac)


Hi All,

I worked on a solution for several months with 100 or more drop down lists with arrows, created in FM 9 pro advanced on windows 7. I send it to a colleague who uses FM11 pro advanced on a mac. None of the drop down lists work on his computer whereas I can use the solution on mine. The solution is useless without the drop-down lists.

When I click the arrow on his comp I see some borders of field changing to dotted lines and then changing back to normal (or at least I see something happening, but no drop down list).

I didn't have much time on his comp today. The only way to make it work was by deleting the field on the layout and creating a new dropdown list field. This is however not my preffered method as it takes a lot of time to redo all the drop-down lists. (And then sending the solution back to my comp to overwrite mine and use that one in the future. Everytime I'll create a new drop down list I have to send the solution to my colleague, recreate the drop-down lists if they don't work and sending the file back to me. The whole idea was that I'd improve the solution and send a new version everytime I created some new features. This makes for a complicated situation in this way of course.)

I don't know whether the problem is windows-mac or FM9-FM11 related. Or maybe both. Did someone else have this problem and maybe a solution?