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    drop-down lists not working from FM9 (windows) to FM11 (mac)



      drop-down lists not working from FM9 (windows) to FM11 (mac)


      Hi All,

      I worked on a solution for several months with 100 or more drop down lists with arrows, created in FM 9 pro advanced on windows 7. I send it to a colleague who uses FM11 pro advanced on a mac. None of the drop down lists work on his computer whereas I can use the solution on mine. The solution is useless without the drop-down lists.

      When I click the arrow on his comp I see some borders of field changing to dotted lines and then changing back to normal (or at least I see something happening, but no drop down list).

      I didn't have much time on his comp today. The only way to make it work was by deleting the field on the layout and creating a new dropdown list field. This is however not my preffered method as it takes a lot of time to redo all the drop-down lists. (And then sending the solution back to my comp to overwrite mine and use that one in the future. Everytime I'll create a new drop down list I have to send the solution to my colleague, recreate the drop-down lists if they don't work and sending the file back to me. The whole idea was that I'd improve the solution and send a new version everytime I created some new features. This makes for a complicated situation in this way of course.)

      I don't know whether the problem is windows-mac or FM9-FM11 related. Or maybe both. Did someone else have this problem and maybe a solution?

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          This is a wild guess... Change your fonts on Windows to a web safe font.  Or Helvetica...Undecided


          I have a Mac and some have windows without this problem.

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            What you describe is not typical for FileMaker. If Jim's suggestion on fonts doesn't make a difference, you may want to try recovering the file to see if it might be damaged.

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              Hi all,

              Thanks for the answers. It turned out not to be a mac-windows problem. My colleague finally opened it on his comp with Filemaker 10 and it worked perfectly. As for my first post, I actually was using FM 10 at the time, and not 9 anymore, The problem is FM10 to FM11 related.

              What I did was to make the drop-down list fields very small, as small as the arrows actually. This is because I wanted to show the user a text from a related table, but I wanted him to enter the ID of the appropriate record, without seeing the ID in the dropdown list, but only the text. (The "Show data from second field only" option.)


              Because the drop-down list field was too small, FM 11 does not show the drop-down list, because there is no room to the left of the arrow in which it would normally show the drop-down list. In FM 10 the drop-down list shows underneath the arrow (with a slight offset; somewhat to the right of the left border of the field).


              Is this a known issue, and can it be easily overcome? Any ideas appreciated, because I am going to move on to FM 11 (or 12) in a while.

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                This is a common occurance.  I use both ID and Name in Drop Down List and of course the ID is saved in field.  To give instant feedback and verification, i put the name field from the related file in a non modifiable field adjacent to the ID field.  this shows the user he picked the name in the Layout. but your record only contains the ID.


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                  I would figure this is a common practice. Therefore, I would think more people did this in FM10 and then opened the solution in FM 11 only to find out that it doesn't work anymore. Can someone replicate this problem. I don't have FM11 on my computer, yet, so I can't test it. And, of course, is there a solution to make it still work in FM11 when the drop-down-list fields are created in FM10?

                  Thanks in advance.