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Drop-Down lists?

Question asked by HalfwestRick on Mar 12, 2010
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Drop-Down lists?


Ok. So i decided to add a drop down list to my starter contact management layout. I want the drop down list to contain options such as radio, bands, venues etc.....


When i go into the inspector to add these options it is no problem, however, when i create the drop-down list i have to pick a name for it such as contactmanagement;title or contactmanagement;website .


This creates a problem because when I enter a title under a record and then go to my drop down list for to add whether the contact is radio, band etc... it auto fills from my title field. 


How do I create the drop down list where it does not auto-fill from another field? I just want a simple drop-down list of options separate from any other fields on the layout.