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    Drop-Down menu in Table view



      Drop-Down menu in Table view


      I have a simple database with two tables.  One table stores data that is keyed in.  The other table stores data that is used for drop-down menus.

      I have two fields where the drop-down menu doesn't work in the Table View, but does work in the Form View.

      Some of the users enter data in the Table View and others that enter in the Form View.  It is a difficult for the users working in the Table View to enter data since the drop-down menu doesn't work for these two fields.

       I have double checked the set-ups for each of the fields and they appear to be set up exactly like other fields that work in the Table View.

      Any help would be appreciated.


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          Field behavior is unique to that copy of the field.

          You could have three copies of a field on one layout, one set to Radio Button, one Checkbox, and the last Edit Box.

          Are the fields on the Table Layout set correctly.

          Do they display a value list or the entered data in the field. If entered data, is there a LONG entry.

          Definitions sometimes need to be checked.