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    Drop-down Menu Problems



      Drop-down Menu Problems


      I've used FM for many years with great results and find it to be rock solid stable.  Therefore my recent crashing problem with FM11 drop-down menus has me baffled.  I have several fields that I fill using Value Table entries through a pull-down menu.  Recently, when I click on several of these fields, they open displaying the drop-down menu filled with its expected values.  However, when I then click on my menu choice, nothing happens and within 3-5 seconds the entire program crashes.  The hair-pulling part of this experience is that it does not occur every time but randomly every few records.  It is always the same few fields that cause the crash however even though I have many other fields in the same record set to operate the same way from this same value list.  Any thoughts or insights will be most appreciated.


      Running FM11 on 20" iMac, OS10.6.3 (Snow Leopard)

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          It's possible your file and/or one or more field indexes may be damaged.


          You can re-index a field by turning its indexing on and off in Manage | Database | Fields (turn it off, close Manage | Databaes, re-open Manage Database, turn it back on.)


          You can check your file for damage by running a recover on it and testing the recovered file. If the recover process reports finding a problem or the recovered copy works when your original doesn't, replace your damaged file with an undamaged back up file if at all possible.


          Notes on re-indexing: A recovered file has all its indexes rebuilt--which can explain why a recovered copy works when the original didn't. If your file is damaged, it's possible that the file damage is messing up your fields' indexes--thus re-indexing a field in some cases may only serve as a temporary fix of the problem.

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            Many thanks for the recommendations.  Unfortunately I continue to have the same problem.  I ran a "Recover" and it produced a clean -- no problems found -- report.  I then reindexed each of the fields that is "sporadically" causing a crash whenever I attempt to enter data from their drop-down menu.  Finally, I created a whole new value list and referenced these problem fields to the new list.  I am getting the same results, I can enter many records just fine -- then when I attempt to enter a record the menu drops, but as soon as I click to make a selection - the whole program crashes.  I use drop-down menus in many other fields, all based on various value lists and am having no problems with them.  The only problems I am having is when I attempt to use THIS value list.


            Any additional thoughts on what might be causing this very strange behavior will be greatly appreciated.


            Thanks for the guidance.

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              Recover can't fix everything and you may have to revert to an older copy of your file to eliminate the problem.


              Other things you can try:

              Save a clone of your file and then import all the data from all your files into this cloned copy. That rebuilds all the indexes in your file. However, recover rebuilds all the indexes too, so this is a long shot.


              Save a compressed copy and test this copy. Sometimes that fixes an issue, but again it's a long shot.

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                Hi. I've been having the exact same problem, so it's not specific to this person's database. I too have done a recovery, saved a cloned version. Something is going on with dropdown menus in FM11.

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                  This post is over five years old.  It would be best to start a new post, with more details about your issue.