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Drop-down Menu Problems

Question asked by Dave14030 on May 10, 2010
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Drop-down Menu Problems


I've used FM for many years with great results and find it to be rock solid stable.  Therefore my recent crashing problem with FM11 drop-down menus has me baffled.  I have several fields that I fill using Value Table entries through a pull-down menu.  Recently, when I click on several of these fields, they open displaying the drop-down menu filled with its expected values.  However, when I then click on my menu choice, nothing happens and within 3-5 seconds the entire program crashes.  The hair-pulling part of this experience is that it does not occur every time but randomly every few records.  It is always the same few fields that cause the crash however even though I have many other fields in the same record set to operate the same way from this same value list.  Any thoughts or insights will be most appreciated.


Running FM11 on 20" iMac, OS10.6.3 (Snow Leopard)