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Drop-down menu selection stalling application

Question asked by bkeena00 on Jul 28, 2009
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Drop-down menu selection stalling application


Hi there,

I am pretty new to using FikeMaker and could really use some help with this problem I'm having. I am using FileMaker 8.5 by the way on Windows XP. Using a database I have inherited from the person who was previously doing my job. One drop-down menu file, when I select any of the options, the entire application freezes. Nothing works until I either delete the entry or forcefully shut the program down via task manager. If I shut the programme down the entry I have entered is not there when restarted.

I have tried removing all the records in the fields and then reimporting them from a excell doc. This makes no difference at all.

Can anyone suggest some solutions to this please. As I said, I am new to the world of FileMaker so any suggests or help would be very gratefully appreciated.