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Drop-down menu works for Filemaker 10 client in Leopard/XP only (not Tiger)

Question asked by cranium on May 21, 2009
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Drop-down menu works for Filemaker 10 client in Leopard/XP only (not Tiger)


Just want to say upfront I'm not too familiar with Filemaker databases and any terminology.


I'm a Mac support tech, and trying to assist someone with a Filemaker issue. They have a Filemaker person who doesn't know of anything else that can be done besides upgrade to Leopard.This isn't possible with soome of their equipment, however.




Here's the gist:



All their client machines run on Tiger, and until recently they've run Filemaker 9 with no trouble. They access a classroom schedule database remotely from a Filemaker Server . That database has a box for each teacher, and within those larger boxes there are 3-4 fields where classrooms are listed. You click in each one and a list of rooms drop down and you select one.


Since upgrading the macs to 10 client the first box works but the ones beneath it are just blank if you click on them. 



PC clients running XP were upgraded to FM 10 and have no trouble. 


If you go on a Leopard machine running Filemaker 10 client, it works fine there too.


No difference between Intel/Power PC clients running 10 client. If they're both on Tiger, they'll both have the issue.



The Filemaker server was at 8.5 still, so they upgraded to Filemaker Server 10. This had no effect. 



For now, they have to stay in Filemaker 9 to work with this database, and this is doable for the time being. Again I'm not sure what's involved in designing the databases, and what everything is called, but I thought I'd see if this jumps out at anyone.