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Drop-Down Value List from a Field Opening Slowly

Question asked by dont88_1 on Mar 19, 2010
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Drop-Down Value List from a Field Opening Slowly


Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced on Windows XP: I have created a value list of nearly 27,000 addresses from a text field in a table in the same database. Early in the development of my application the drop down list (for insertion of a selected address in a field in a different table) appeared almost instantly. Somewhere along the way it began to take four or five seconds to open the drop down list. The address field is a text field and Indexing was originally set to Minimal, but since changed to All in the hope that it would display faster if already indexed. I am designing this to run as a run-time version on a webbook/netbook so it populates the drop-down list even slower on the Intel Atom processor.


In an attempt to troubleshoot the problem, I have recreated, in a new database, the address list and the table in which I wish to insert a selected address and it displays instantly as expected. I then created a value list that points to the original file and selected the original address value list in the original file as the source for the drop-down value list. When I select the filed with that drop down list, it takes a few seconds, like in the original database, so the problem appears to be in the original file's address field or table.


I have "recovered" the original database and saved a "compacted copy" and neither effort improved the speed. Any suggestions will be appreciated.