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dropdown filter field in sub-summary report.

Question asked by synergy46 on May 13, 2009
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dropdown filter field in sub-summary report.


I have 2 tables:








Patients is 1 to many into Tests.


I have a sub-summary report that breaks on PatientName, then on TestName then on Date.  It works well.  But it shows ALL patients.


What I want:  I want to have a popup in the Header that will show the Patient name and when a patient is selected, the report will show ONLY that patient. 


I have been doing this kind of report by:  opening the Test layout, getting the Patient Name from the popup, Finding that name (which produces a 'found set' of just that name', then going to the report.   This works.


But, this method seems unnecessarily complicated.   I would like to hear from other developers about better methods to do the same thing.


Thanks for your ideas.