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Dropdown list - "Include only records starting from..." breaks second field display

Question asked by StevePugh on Aug 27, 2013
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Dropdown list - "Include only records starting from..." breaks second field display


     Hello all, I have prowled the forums and have found a number of linked-dropdown posts, but none with my particular flavor of sorrow -- my apologies if this has been answered before.

     I have two tables ("Projects" and "Shots"), every record in Projects has a pName (text) and a pID (auto-serial number).  Every record in Shots has a sName (text) and a pID (auto-serial number), as well as a sParentProjectID (number).

     sParentProjectID and pID are joined in my Relationship graph.

     In my layout (based on table Shots), I have a drop-down from which I can select a project.  Doing so is meant to populate a second drop-down with the sNames of all Shot records whose sParentProjectID matches the selected project's pID.  I hope I'm explaining things right so far.

     Now for the weird.  My shots dropdown's Value List is From Field shots::sID and shots::sName, showing only records from the second field.  If I check "Include All Values" then I see the names as I would expect, albeit for every record in the Shots table.  If I check "Include only related values starting from " and choose Projects, then I get only those shots that are related to the selected Project (great!), but I only see the shot record's sID value and not the sName value (less great).

     I humbly beseech any and all suggestions, I've already learned a lot just from prowling here but my prowl has lost steam and my eyes are itching.

     Many thanks,