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Dropdown list based on separate 3 column table

Question asked by joecc on Sep 12, 2014
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Dropdown list based on separate 3 column table


My DB consists of Main table with provision for several drop down lists based on related tables. For example, I have a table with ID, country, & continent. I want to use that in a drop down list in Main, saving only the ID on the Main layout. This DB is imported, so I don't want to lose the indexing of the existing records in Main. It appears that Inspector doesn't allow this means of linking the 2 tables in a DD list. How to do this?

To emphasize my needs, Artworks layout (Main in my earlier post) gets IDs from drop down lists from various tables related to it. See attaeched ER image. This also applies to country,  CntryID, in Artist layout.