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DropDown List fails to update Related Field Choices

Question asked by AllanShearer on Jun 13, 2015
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DropDown List fails to update Related Field Choices


I have a REALLY basic example of an FM7 file with an Auto "Make" and "Model" list which **FAILS** when I convert it to an FMP12 file (verified to fail in versions FM12 and 14).

So ... 2 Tables ... one with "BMW", "AUDI" and "FORD" in the Make field, and related models for each make.  Then the next table has a dropdown list for each related field.

Works perfectly as an FM7 file . . . but . . . nadda with FMP12.

The main problem: when you change the Make choice from "BMW" to "AUDI", the Model choice remains populated with "BMW" choices. Only if you CLOSE and REOPEN the file will it work. But ... change it again ... and it won't work.

This is SO basic . . . and busted!

Please help!


P.S. See the uploaded screenshot. Here I HAD "Ford" selected, and thus the Model list has "Mustang" and "Cortina" to choose from. But when I change the Make to "BMW" the Model list persists to show "Mustang" and "Cortina". DOH!