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    DropDown List fails to update Related Field Choices



      DropDown List fails to update Related Field Choices


      I have a REALLY basic example of an FM7 file with an Auto "Make" and "Model" list which **FAILS** when I convert it to an FMP12 file (verified to fail in versions FM12 and 14).

      So ... 2 Tables ... one with "BMW", "AUDI" and "FORD" in the Make field, and related models for each make.  Then the next table has a dropdown list for each related field.

      Works perfectly as an FM7 file . . . but . . . nadda with FMP12.

      The main problem: when you change the Make choice from "BMW" to "AUDI", the Model choice remains populated with "BMW" choices. Only if you CLOSE and REOPEN the file will it work. But ... change it again ... and it won't work.

      This is SO basic . . . and busted!

      Please help!


      P.S. See the uploaded screenshot. Here I HAD "Ford" selected, and thus the Model list has "Mustang" and "Cortina" to choose from. But when I change the Make to "BMW" the Model list persists to show "Mustang" and "Cortina". DOH!


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          Assuming that this is the typical relationship controlled conditional value list, what you describe should work the same in either version and the versions in between.

          Can you show the Manage Value lists dialog that shows what options were selected for the models value list?

          Did you just convert the file and find this problem or did you make some design changes? (or try to recreate the original design in a new file?)

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            Hmm ... I think I've figured out my problem. But . . . for SO many years, FMP let me DO this without complaining. Now, since FMP12 file format, you can no longer do this 'wrong' (I assume) thing. 

            Here's what I believe I've done 'wrong'.

            In FM7 (file format) you could leave the "Include only related values starting from" option BLANK ... or "<unknown>". Simply leave it, and it would pull from the same table. See screenshot.

            But, if you do this in FMP12, well, it "won't work". And that's not SO bad if you do it anew ... and then poke around to see what you've done wrong and do it RIGHT.

            However, if - like me - you've been doing this for 10+ years and simply convert the file from FM7 to FMP12 ... the results are poor. It ALMOST works for you, but, then you run into the same problem I've described above - that is: the Relation will work ONCE ... but if you change the "Make", then the "Model" won't update.

            And so . . . whether or not I understand IF what I was doing in the past was actually 'wrong' or not (well, come on ... it WORKED ... one assumes it's 'ok'), HERE is what I need to do now in FMP12 (again - any version of FMP12+ will behave the same) to get this to work:

            SOLUTION: you MUST choose an option in the "Include only related values starting from" list ... and, it thus cannot be left BLANK (although, you're not forced to choose anything ... which isn't all-that helpful).