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Dropdown list populating related fields - something fundamental failing

Question asked by Stu412 on Dec 19, 2014
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Dropdown list populating related fields - something fundamental failing


Really really thick question given what I've learned on here so far....

Anyway, I'm testing an issue at the moment.  What I have is a Name table with NameID(Serial), Name(Text) and InstrumentID_FK(Number).

A second table is Instrument with InstrID(Serial), Instrument(Text).

The two are related by InstrumentID_FK>InstruID.

I've pre-populated both tables with names and instruments, Joe, Sarah, Ben, Harvey and Trombone, Oboe, Piano and Triangle.  Each person can have only one instrument.

What I simply want to do is create a layout based on name, using the associated field of Instrument and create a dropdown to choose from.  What I'd expect to happen upon choosing from the dropdown is to have the FK on Name populate with the PK from Instrument.

On the relationship set up, I've allowed creation (and presumably editing??) of records on the Name side.

What happens is either no dropdown details appear (dependent on the position of the relationship set up and the various 'allow creation' checkboxes) or FURTHER instrument details appear on the instrument table which duplicate those already there.

I'm clearly missing something fundamental here.  I'd expect to be able to produce a table style layout based on Name and see NameID, Name and InstrID but this is not happening.

Apologies for density, thanks in advance!