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Dropdown list showing dates

Question asked by Stu412 on Aug 10, 2015
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Dropdown list showing dates


I have a related table with multi records on it, each record a member of a smaller set of data defined by the date. For example, one customer will have transactions on the table for 30/6, 31/7, 31/8 etc with this table joined to the customer table by customer ID.

I'm trying to create a dropdown value list to show only one instance of each date for a given customer.  it's easy to throw every record into a portal to prove the relationship works, but that obviously shows multiple 30/6, 31/7, 31/8 etc...

In this case, I'd just be looking for a 3 row drop down with one option representing just one month.  

I don't need to filter or anything directly from there, I just need a nice easy way for users to select a given date for data which is present.