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    Dropdown list showing dates



      Dropdown list showing dates


      I have a related table with multi records on it, each record a member of a smaller set of data defined by the date. For example, one customer will have transactions on the table for 30/6, 31/7, 31/8 etc with this table joined to the customer table by customer ID.

      I'm trying to create a dropdown value list to show only one instance of each date for a given customer.  it's easy to throw every record into a portal to prove the relationship works, but that obviously shows multiple 30/6, 31/7, 31/8 etc...

      In this case, I'd just be looking for a 3 row drop down with one option representing just one month.  

      I don't need to filter or anything directly from there, I just need a nice easy way for users to select a given date for data which is present.



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          What you show in your examples are not actual dates as you would need a year, month and day to record an actual date. Are these fields of actual dates or text fields?

          A "use values from field" value list will automatically sort the values in ascending order and omit duplicates. But the results will differ depending on whether you have text or actual dates here.