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Dropdown lists between tables and records

Question asked by FredYoung on May 13, 2010
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Dropdown lists between tables and records


Hello Everyone.

This is my first time writing in this forum and I'm fairly new to Filemaker Pro.

I got FM11 Pro on a Windows 7 PC. (x64)


I'll try to describe my problem as detailed as possible...

I got 2 tables.

Clients and Products.


The Products Table Contains of 1 product per Record. And i got 2 layouts named after the tables.


On the client layout i got a 3 dropdown lists "EmailProd1", "EmailProd2" and "EmailProd3" and they are getting their values from the Value List ProductList from the Products Field "ProductName" so that the dropdown list contains of all my products.

I want a button now that sends an Email to the clients email and IN the email, it should write out the "PruductName" AND a short description from the Products field "ProductDesc"

In the calculation, I said to write out "EmailProd1", "EmailProd2" and "EmailProd3" but how do I make it write out the 3 different descriptions on all of them? Please help...

Thanks everyone!