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Dropdown Menu bug

Question asked by ralvy on Jun 26, 2009
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Dropdown Menu bug


Before I post this in the bug report forum, I'd like to see if others can dupe it.


1. Create two tables: Test and Test2.

2. Create one field in each table called "Number". Define it as a Number field.

3. In Test table, create a Value List called "Number". Base it on the Number field in Test2 table.

4. Create four records in Test2 table, with the following values in the Number field, respectively: 109, 110, 111, 112.

5. Define a Dropdown Menu in Test table on the Number field. Assign the above Value List you defined in Step 3 to that Dropdown Menu.


Now go into New Record mode in Test table. Activate the Dropdown Menu and type 111. I find that typing any oither value (109, 110, or 112) works fine, in that the highlight bar moves to the desired object. But not for 111.


I'm using FMPA 10 on an XP SP3 computer.