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DropDown populated by multiple (joined) tables

Question asked by TroyKelly on Aug 19, 2011
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DropDown populated by multiple (joined) tables


I need to populate a DropDown with an inteliable list of options.

It is super clear / easy to populate it from a single table, but I need data from three tables.

Ultimatly I need tblFlyLines::ID but the user needs to be presented with a concatenation of 

tblFlyPositions::Identifier & "-" & tblRiggersPosDSUS::Identifier & tblRiggersPosPOP::Identifier

I have tried creating a "Query" type table that has a calulated field with the above content - but - if any of those tables are changed - the "Query" table is not updated.  The dropdown really should be generated on the fly - to prevent storing data that could (and should) be calculated.

Any advice / recomendations would be really apprecaited.