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Dropdown readout?

Question asked by ChrisJohnston on Dec 20, 2013
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Dropdown readout?


     Does anyone have or know about techniques for making a dropdown display the current record you are on or things like a parent record. I have a way I am doing it but I wonder if it is the best way. The way I am accomplishing it is; I just take a field with the deduced result that I want it to display a put it on top of the field that I have set to a self-join. This self-join than has a relationship set up limiting it to the members I want to show up based on the context. What I ultimately want is a set of dropdowns across the top of my solution that show the trail or breadcrumb, and when each one is clicked I can go to that record. The top dropdowns will update accordingly. I have seen a way to make this really nice using FileMaker 13 with the visibility option so that when there is not any more trail only one dropdown will show. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks