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    DropDownList display Id and not Description


      DropDownList display Id and not Description



      I have two tables in join: Peoples and Companies. In the table Peoples the foreign key to join Companies is Peoples::IdCompany.

      I build a DropDownList on the field Peoples::IdCompany. In Inspector-Data-Display data from, I display Peoples::IdCompany.

      The data are from a list.

      The list use data from: first field = Companies::IdCompany and second filed = Companies::CompanyDescription. I show values only from second field.

      When I open the dropDownList I see the descriptions, but after the choice I see only a number (the key).

      I don’t understand how I can use a list to assign an Id from a related table and how display a description of thisId.

      If I use a Pop-up menu the CompanyDescription is displayed.

      Many thanks for the help.

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          Hi Francesco,

          One way around this is to add another field directly on top of the dropdown field.  Set the new field to Companies::CompanyDescription and set its behavior to not enter in Browse Mode.  Either set the dropdown field's text color to the same as the background (usually white) or set its font size to 500 so it will not be displayed.  When you click on the combined fields, the dropdown list will display as usually. After you choose an item from the list, the description will be displayed in the top field.