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DropDownList display Id and not Description

Question asked by horses60 on Oct 18, 2011
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DropDownList display Id and not Description



I have two tables in join: Peoples and Companies. In the table Peoples the foreign key to join Companies is Peoples::IdCompany.

I build a DropDownList on the field Peoples::IdCompany. In Inspector-Data-Display data from, I display Peoples::IdCompany.

The data are from a list.

The list use data from: first field = Companies::IdCompany and second filed = Companies::CompanyDescription. I show values only from second field.

When I open the dropDownList I see the descriptions, but after the choice I see only a number (the key).

I don’t understand how I can use a list to assign an Id from a related table and how display a description of thisId.

If I use a Pop-up menu the CompanyDescription is displayed.

Many thanks for the help.