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    Dropping client support for XP



      Dropping client support for XP


           Bad choice, I am sorry to say. I can understand them drastically dropping vista or windows 2008 32 bit server, but frankly most office environments are full of xp machines, that are reliable and stable computers. I don't see why FM 13 at least shouldn't run there, and you can't really expect to host them in FM12 and access the new features problem free. Nor can you demand that some tens of xp installs are upgraded to seven.

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               I don't see that they had any other choice but to drop XP. End of life for XP is April, 2014. No more security updates of hotfixes from Microsoft. There is no reason to support something that won't be around in 4 months.

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                 Microsoft doesn't support Windows XP,  so why should another company.  . 

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                   Well another company might if it increased their market share for their product....

                   Wonder what would happen if you downloaded a 30 day free trial to an XP box... Has anybody tried it?

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                     FMP won't let you install on a "XP box" . . . I know because I tried.


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                       No I haven't tried it.  I don't have any XP machines any more.  I had some clients on XP but I have upgraded most to Windows 7.   I don't think there are many companies left running XP and not enough for a software company to make any money by including support.  Microsoft will stop support for XP support package 3 in April, but they had stop support for support package 2 back in 2010.  Most clients even when you tell them they need to up date their computers OS, they still don't. They can't take the time during the day and there is no one there at night to install it.   The only time I would hear from them is when their computer crashed and it hadn't been updated they would have to buy XP with service pack 3 and pay to have it installed or buy a new windows machine.  Money saving is in buying a new machine and there was no reason not to upgrade to Windows 7.  The new windows 8.1 is not too bad either, it is a step in the right direction for Microsoft. 

                       In my opinion there is no money in supporting XP.  If you need the features of Filemaker 13, I would bet you would need the speed and feature of a new computer with a new operating system.    Like trying to play a blu ray in your VCR.

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                         XP has been a standard, reliable option for many versions. While it's clearly time to upgrade, doing so represents a significant expense for any business that owns multiple machines. We have a mixed group of xp and W7 machines here. We've been evaluating the cost to upgrade to FMP 13/FMS 13 and the need to upgrade our work stations to at least W7 will delay our ability to do so--delaying any income FileMaker might have made off of selling product to us.

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                           Coding an application to include support for legacy OS versions costs money. There is a bean counter point of cost vs profit.

                           WinXP and Vista support dropped, OSX Snow Leopard dropped.

                           Filemaker may have an attitude similar to Apple's dropping Floppy Drives, then CD's that horrified many.
                           I suspect the HTML5 and browsers dropping legacy OS's is part of the decision.

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                             Absolutely. Every company has to make it's best estimate of costs and revenues. Those that fail to make the right choice end up out of business. I'm not trying to suggest FileMaker Inc. made the wrong choice--don't have enough data to make that call, just demonstrating how for us, this may delay our adoption of a new version due to how the cost benefit analysis works out in our situation.

                             It may not turn out to be that big of a deal for us. We weren't about to be an "early adopter" anyway and by the time we have confidence in FileMaker Pro and Server 13, we may have tossed the last of the XP machines into the eWaste bin anyway...