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Dropping information/ inaccurate information returned

Question asked by JBaize on Mar 31, 2010
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Dropping information/ inaccurate information returned




Hi.  I am running FileMaker Pro 10 on Windows 7 Pro.  The database file is currently located on our local server which is running Windows SBS 2008.


My issue is that since installing this less than a month ago, the program worked fine. Today, when I try to do a "find" to dtermine the total number of active persons in the database, the number comes up much lower than it did yesterday. Also, the program eliminates names when I do a search by first inital of last names. However, if I search by the individual name, the person is found in the database. What must I do to have this problem corrected? It is very frustrating when management asks for a current number of active people and the program refuses to give accurate information.