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Ducument numbering 2

Question asked by RobinNeeves_1 on Feb 2, 2015
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Ducument numbering 2


I have created a document and won't to add numbering.


When I print a document I won't to add a number automatically I would like the number to be recorded so that I can find and printed documents using that number at a later date so I can make updates to it and any fields attached to it and create certificates and reports.


Once I have printed the document if I need to do a reprint at any time I will need to find the document by the number given or the site name but once I update the record then that number will be finalised and will only be used if I need to check the record once the work is completed I will updated the records by amending a date field this will complete the document and I will not need to print it again so the next time I print a document for the same site it will then need a new number.


I am the only user for this program. 


I am using FileMaker Pro 13.0v4 at present as I have not been able to update to 13.0v5 due to an error.


I Thank you for your help