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Due Date Calculation

Question asked by SydneyBlock on May 7, 2015
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Due Date Calculation & Using FileMaker Labels to Create ID Cards


Good morning!

I have a date field that is a text type. What I am trying to do is create an expiration date as well. I have a calculation field that is;

Date + 365 ( calc result is Date )

For some reason, this calculation is returning a "?" . Any possibility why? I've looked for any sort of answers and have found nothing.


My second issue is for this database, I am creating a layout using a labels layout to create an operator's ID card. These cards will be printed on both sides. My only issue is I have created a layout that prints perfectly for the first card, but is there a way for me to tell FileMaker to move to the next label space, or have the user designate which space to move to? The method I created will solely print in each left corner, and I do not want to waste the extra space. Any ideas on this? Thanks!