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Due Date Invoices

Question asked by Alejosor on Jan 16, 2012
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Due Date Invoices




I have a query with regards some calculations.

What I want to do is to add a field on an invoice statement that shows me how much a client ows our company say in 30, 60 days period.

Say for example our company issued 2 invoices to one client over a period of 2 months and the total outstanding amount lets say is £9,500.50 and they have paid us in different installements and different amounts towards the two invoices but have not paid all.

Now, what do I need to do in order that FileMaker show us how much a client ows our company in invoices that are overdue for more than 30, 60, etc days.

Please see the image below so you can see what I have been doing wrong.

On the image it gives me a value of 4,500, when the value should be 3,500.

Bear in mind I am not an expert.