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    dumb biologist needs help fmp 9.4



      dumb biologist needs help fmp 9.4


      Ok please be gentle with the dumb newbe.


      I have somehow managed to amass a 12 gig database in filemaker pro 9.4 (PC running XP).


      I would like to "start over"  in other words catalog the data I have -  and start over -  with the same fields -  in a new data base  but starting with the number i left off in.  Is their any hope for me?


      Carl Johansson

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          To answer your question as asked: save a copy of your file as clone (no records). The serial number field/s will keep their settings and pick off where you left.


          However, I don't think this is a good solution. You won't be able to search all your data at once, for example. I assume the size of your file is due to images being embedded in container fields. You could export the images, and change the container fields to 'reference-only'.


          Alternatively, if you must store the images within your solution, you could split them off to an external file - or several such files.

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            Thanks for the help -  the clone feature did exactly what we needed -  as you said.  I understand your concerns about splitting the data base -  but right now it is just for working.  We will merge the bases back together when the data goes on line as a searchable research tool.  in fact data bases from 4 different colleges and universities will be merged to make the end product!



            Carl Johansson