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    Dumb Newbie Rookie Question



      Dumb Newbie Rookie Question


      I tried searching but to no avail.


      After closing a file and then reopen, it always opens to the last record.  I'd like it to open to the last viewed record.

      I looked for a Preference setting but did not find any.


      So, I'd like to have the Filemaker file open to the last viewed record when it was closed, not the last record in the list.



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          This doesn't sound like typical behavior if you have the file open on your own computer and aren't accessing a file hosted on another machine.

          What view have you selected in the view menu? (View as form, view as table, view as List)

          Is this a file you've created or one someone else created?

          In File Options, is there a script selected to run when the file opens or closes?

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            Wow!  What a fast response.  Thank you.

            You hit the nail on the head.  File Options was running a script when opened called "last record"

            I have been trying to get my MacBook ready for Lion so I transferred an Appleworks database I created to FileMaker 6 but found out FileMaker 6 was too old so I bought FileMaker 11 this week.  This problem was also with FileMaker 6.

            Thank you for patience with a newbie.