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    Dumb Q - relogin-change user



      Dumb Q - relogin-change user


           I have a instance of FM Pro that is being run by a low privileged user. I have a trap door I can click on to have developer privileges. 

           For some reason, the layout containin the door isn't appearing. 

           I seem to remember  there a keystroke sequence that allow me to change privileges/user on the fly. I did a search for this and cannot find it. Help - what is this sequence to login as someone else?

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               There's a script step: ReLogin, that will open up the password dialog so that you can log in. You simply perform a script with that script step.

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                 Thanks PhilMJ,

                 I remembered that when one changes the account on the manage->file options that a panel pops up advising you that can log in as someone else by holding the shift key down (Windows) when opening the DB. For some reason I found that hard to find in the documentation and got this info by creating a new DB and changing this attribute to cause the panel to appear.