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    duplicate a table



      duplicate a table


           I need to make a duplicate table but can't seem to be able to do this in Filemaker Pro 12.


           When I go to Manage...Database...tables...there is no duplicate or copy button.  Is there a work around? 


           This would just save Soooooo much time.  Any suggestions?




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               Often, duplicating a table is not a good idea, but there are times when it is useful.

               In FileMaker Advanced, you can copy and paste to duplicate a table.

               In FileMaker Pro or Advanced, you can use Insert Records and select "new table" as the target table to duplicate a table. This also imports one or more records into the new table, but you can easily delete those records after import if you do not want the data.

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                 Thanks!  That worked.  Though it is Import Records (not Insert Records).