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Duplicate entries appearing in a portal

Question asked by TimHeppell on Aug 16, 2011
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Duplicate entries appearing in a portal


Hello, I'm hoping someone might be able to help me.

Just a bit of background to what I've been trying (badly!) to do.

I used one of the Filemaker starter solutions - I think it was Contact Management. It was the first time I used Filemaker and had a bit of help sorting out a few problems such as adding a 'Company' record as the original solution was for 'Individual' contacts and they didn't relate to each other if I had quite a few contacts in one organisation.

What I'm doing is adding information into a 'Company' record and then copying the unique number in the 'Company ID' field on the record and then pasting into the 'Company ID' field on the 'Individual Contact' record. This then brings in all the information from the company record to the individual record. It means I can add many individuals to that one company record.

The problem I'm having:

I enter a new 'company' record with company name, address, telephone number etc.

Then add one new 'Individual Contact' record with using the same company ID.

The portal that I have on the 'Company' record (that shows a list of the name, email and telephone of any individual in that company) will also show another entry just with the telephone number - no name or email.

It only just seems to have started doing this although this seems strange as I haven't played around with the 'workings' for 6 months or so.

I'm sure this is something really simple that I've made sound really complicated but any advice would be really appreciated.

Many thanks.