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Duplicate IF

Question asked by malijames on May 8, 2013
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Duplicate IF


 i have this two tables. Student table and session table. The session table is link to the student table with the studentID_FK. I have a layout base on the student table and on the layout is a portal from the session table. I have fields like STATUS , YEAR , LEVEL on the session table. Now I want to attach a script to a button on a new layout based on the session table  which will If STATUS = “regular” duplicate such record and in the duplicate record , change any value in  the field YEAR to 2014 and any text in the  LEVEL field  be changed to grade2 The whole idea is to register any  regular studdent from 2013 session  into the new session (2014) automatically without going to the portal to create a new record for the new session for each student Any idea or suggestion is welcome pls