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Duplicate items in portal

Question asked by nifty on Nov 8, 2014
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Duplicate items in portal


I have a value list with 7 items. I have a portal and in that, drop down menus that allow selection from the value list. The value list items are pulled from another table--Skills. I have set up a join table to store the selected values. I would like to be able to select any item. In this instance I could potentially select all seven. 

My problem is, once the item is selected from the drop down list, I shouldn't be able to select it again but I can right now. If the item in the drop down list is selected, the value is added to the join table in the "ClientSkillJoin::_fk_SkillId" field. If there is a value in this list associated with the client (_fk_ClientId), it shouldn't show up again.

Normally I'd use a checkbox for the list, but eventually, there are going go be scores associated with the items so I'd rather use the drop down.

In the second screenshot, there should not be 2 records of Client 3 and Skill 7.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this?