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    duplicate record



      duplicate record


      I have a record that contains information from a related table. When I duplicate this record, everything but that information gets duplicated. Is there a way to duplicate that information as well?

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          Here is a list of a few techniques.



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               thanks! My record contains portal data from multiple related tables. According to the first technique, I would need to add the script to each of the related tables? Also, I am a novice with Filemaker. Is there a service (perhaps fee-based) to guide me step by step through the process of adding the scripts?
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              Thank you for your post.


              There is not need for a fee.  Here is how you would do it...


              1. Pull down the Scripts menu and select "Manage Scripts..."


              2. Click the "New" icon in the bottom left corner.


              3. Give the script a name.


              Along the left side are commands that can be used.   From the links that "mr_vodka" supplied (Thank you!), you will see the script steps that you can copy.  For example:


              Set Variable []

              allows you to assign a field to a variable


              Set Field []

              allows you to assign a value to a field.


              When finished, you can execute these scripts.


              This should get you pointed in the right direction.  If you have difficulty with any script steps, please let me know.



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