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Duplicate record creation ?

Question asked by on Aug 13, 2015
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Duplicate record creation ?


I am steadily learning.... But I am finding Filemaker a little difficult to control, hopefully time will help :-)

I have created a Layout and on the Layout have created a button which displays a Popover.

The layout itself is linked directly to a table that holds expenditure detail. One of the fields is a field that holds a description of the 'Building' that the expenditure is associated to.

The Building field on the layout is a list which is populated from the Building Table.

The Building Table, has 2 fields, auto ID and the text field for the description of the Building.

When I am on the Layout with the expense details, if I want to add a new building record, the button that I mentioned above, displays a popover and I have placed the building_name field onto the popover.

I have then created a button on the popover called 'Done'. If you press this button, the following code is executed.

The problem I have is that when I press the 'Done' button - it creates 2 records the actual record plus a blank record? And I don't know why.... Can anyone help where I am going wrong.... ?