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    Duplicate Record not working



      Duplicate Record not working


      My company uses a custom FM Pro 10 database, I realized the Duplicate Record from the menu duplicates the record keeping only FirstName and LastName from previous record, isn't it supposed to create an entire duplicate record with address, phone, etc...?





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          Steve Wright

          That really depends on the design of the database.


          Lets say the database is set up as follows


          Table : contacts

          Fields: id, firstname, surname


          Table : phone numbers

          Fields, id, type, number


          Sample Data contacts:


          100, Mr Smith


          Sample Data phone numbers

          100, home, 0123456

          100,mobile, 1245645


          Now... if the contacts ID is an auto generated serial number, when you duplicate the record, you will end up with


          300, Mr Smith  (300 being the next available serial id)

          Since 300 no longer relates to 100 for the phone numbers, they are not shown..



          If this is the case, you would need to intercept the duplicate command, using a custom menu perhaps, to run a script similar to one discussed here http://fm.lithium.com/t5/Using-FileMaker-Pro/Copy-Records-with-Portals/m-p/49049#M38360