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Duplicate records and nested tables

Question asked by ScottNikiel on Oct 21, 2010
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Duplicate records and nested tables


Hi, I am a self-taught FileMaker Pro 10 user trying to set up a membership database for an art museum. There are two main problems I've run into and before I turn back to the forums, I wanted to see what you could recommend. I work in IT and would greatly appreciate the most effective solutions regardless of how technically advanced they may be.

1.) I have a minimum of 6 fields that I would like to be able to update multiple times per year and keep the previous data paired with the date it was entered (if not otherwise specified).

2.) I have ~10,000 records that have ~50 fields (most important are: first name, last name, home address, email email address) non of which are mandatory. I am having a problem locating and managing duplicate records primarily (but not exclusively) upon receiving updated (but incomplete) lists of ~3000 records from associates.

Thank you for your time. I eagerly await your responses.
-Scott Nikiel