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    Duplicate records being created



      Duplicate records being created


      I have a very weird thing happening in my database. I'm running out of ideas...


      I have one particular record that keeps being made into a duplicate/blank copy of that record. When you search for the item name, you come up with two records. One is just a "?" in every field and the other is the original. When I delete the bad one, it pops right back in on the next search. I tried deleting the original as well and adding the information back manually and the problem reoccurs.


      Is my Filemaker project possessed by the devil?


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          I had this happen to me on a solution I created with Filemaker Pro 11, turns out the database had been corrupted and eventually I began finding more and more of these question mark records. I was able to solve it by running the recovery and the process gave me access to the data that I then transferred to a good known copy of the file.

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            I don't recommend that you do a full up recovery for this as that could make unintended changes to your file.

            Just rebuild your field indexes and this "phantom record" should disappear.

            Launch FileMaker without opening the file
            Select Recover from the File Menu and select your file as the file to open. (File Cannot be hosted from server when you do this.)
            Select advanced recover options and select the following options:

            Copy FileBlocks As Is
            Rebuild Indexes [Now]

            This produces a copy of the file where the only change made was to rebuild the indexes.