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Duplicate Records From Portal Row Creation

Question asked by JessicaFiorini on Aug 10, 2011
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Duplicate Records From Portal Row Creation



I am working on a database that creates a usage history for specific educational lessons. Lessons have a certain amount of changeable information dependent on the season. I have a file usage history table with items in a portal list under a tab in the Lesson Information Table. The file usage history is tied to the Lesson Information table by Lesson ID serial, auto-created, non-modifiable number. I have no problem creating a history on the file usage table but when I attempt to create a new history directly in the tabbed portal list section of the Lesson Information table, it creates two records for every one history input.

I am using the following script attached to a "New History" button to create the new record / portal row:

Freeze Window

Go to Fiel [Seasons::Year]

Go to Portal Row [Last]

I am using the same script successfully in a similarily set up tasks history tab. Any suggestions?