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    Duplicate records in a Drop Down Field



      Duplicate records in a Drop Down Field



      I have a database that consists of a library of 'product names', all under various 'categories'. Some categories have more than one product with the same product item name.  These are distinguishable by other data, such as 'make' or 'style'.

      A layout listing of all product, includes those with the same product name. 

      An Order layout, has a drop down field for the 'category' that will lookup and list all the 'categories' from the library.  The next field is also a drop down field for the 'product name' that will lookup and list only those 'product names' which are entered in the library under the selected 'category'.

      However, it will not list the products with the same name, just one product being the first recorded.  All others with the same name will not appear in this drop down field.

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          That is exactly how FileMaker is designed to work. When you specify that a value list draw it's values from a field, Filemaker actually uses the field's index (which should never include duplicate values) to produce the value list. But think about this for a minute, if you could display such duplicate values how would the user know to select the second such duplicated value instead of the first or vice versa?

          I recommend you restructure your table so that each product has a unqiue Serial number and base your relationships on this unique serial number--not the duplicate filled product name field.

          Next, use a text field with an auto-entered calculation that combines the product name with the other make, style fields so that this entry will be unique. Set a field validation rule on it to enforce unique values only to make sure you don't have any duplicates here. Using this field in a value list will allow the user to distinguish between items with duplicate names in order to know which product is the one they want.

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            Thanks Phil...works well.