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    duplicate records kinda thing



      duplicate records kinda thing


           Hi guys,

           In my database I have tables for:

      •           cities
      •           streets
      •           districts

           Now in my main table I have all the property information that is linked to the above three tables, see the attached file.

           In the cities,streets and district table I have "allow creation of records in this table......" and "delete related records in this table...." checked.

           The wierd thing is that when I add select and street for a property it works fine and (popup menu) and it does not create a duplicate street when I select the street name for two property records.

           When I do this with a city, it does create duplicate records in the city table, so when I select Los Angeles in one record and select LA in another property record as well, I get LA two times in my City table.....

           I hope I am clear enough for you.

           How can this be solved, I have not found anything different in the setup between the street, district and city tables.... thats the wierd thing to me!