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Duplicate records with fields from another related table.

Question asked by DV on Feb 5, 2014
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Duplicate records with fields from another related table.


     Hi there.


      I have 2 tables set up in our database.


     1. an event element in first table.

     2. Schedule relating to the element in a second table. Appearing via a portal.


     I need a way  to do the following:


     1. Select a button 'duplicate event element' 

     2. When button is pushed, duplicate selected fields from 'event element' into a new record with its own automatically generated event element ID number.

     3. Duplicate certain related fields from the related schedule.


     Are you able to assistt?

     how do I select only certIn fields to duplicate when the button is pushed in the first table?

     how do I get the schedule to duplicate specific fields too? This part is always stuffing up in my trials...


     The schedule table and event element table are linked by a id number.


     any help with the appropriate script would be greatly appreciated.