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Duplicate Records Within Found Set Identify First Record Problem

Question asked by fp2146 on May 25, 2015
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Duplicate Records Within Found Set Identify First Record Problem


I have successfully used the following script found in the Knowledge Base to identify duplicate records within a found set, however it does not identify or "Mark" the first record of the duplicated records, only those that are duplicates of the first.  I need to be able to identify all the duplicate/matching records within the found set for further manipulation.  Is there anything I can add to this script to help me Mark the first record within the group of duplicates/matching records?

Thanks for any help.

Show All Records
Sort Records [Restore; No dialog] <--- Sort by the UniqueID field in ascending order
Go to Record/Request/Page [First]
Set Variable [$id; Value:SampleTable::UniqueID] <-- Sets "$id" variable to be equal to UniqueID field
Replace Field Contents [No dialog; SampleTable::Mark; " "] <--- Replace the contents of the "Mark" field with a blank (" ")
     Go to Record/Request/Page [Next, Exit after last]
     If [$id = SampleTable::UniqueID]
          Set Field [SampleTable::Mark; "X"] <--- Marks record as a duplicate by placing an "X" in the "Mark" field
          Set Variable [$id; Value:SampleTable::UniqueID]
     End If
End Loop
Perform Find [Restore] <-- Finds all records where Mark = X.  You will need to define the find criteria for this script step