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    Duplicate SSN



      Duplicate SSN


      Hey Everyone,

      So yesterday i made a 2nd occurance of my client profile table to check if their is duplicate ssn numbers in the database...upon exiting the ssn field. However, now i want to give the user the option to delete the new record they were creating and be redirected to the existing record by a custom dialog message. Here is my script . Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


      Commit Record

      If [Count (Client Profile Search ::__FKSSN)> 1]

      Show Custom Dialog

      End If

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          Give your show custom dialog a message such as "A record with this social security number already exists. Discard this new record and view the existing one?" and keep the default OK and Cancel buttons or rename them if you wish.

          Then the next step of the show custom dialog:

          If [ Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 1 //Ok was clicked ]
             Go To Related Record [Show only related records; From table: Client Profile Search; Using layout: <Curent Layout>)]
             Go to Record/request/Page [ Last ]
             Delete Record [no dialog]
          End If