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    Duplicate Values in Drop Down Lists



      Duplicate Values in Drop Down Lists



           I have a drop down list sourcing to a value list (originating in a related table) that contains a set of terms, and am using a secondary term in the value list to help in making the correct selection from the drop down.

           However, the source list contains some duplicate terms, and although the secondary terms are all different, the drop down list only shows one instance of a particular term.

           Is there a way to get a drop down list to also display duplicate values from its source list?

           Hope that makes sense, thanks - Steve

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               If the secondary terms are unique to each value, you an sort on the field for the secondary term instead of the first.

               But if you have to combine the two terms to get a unique value, then you'll need to make some other changes.

               One possibility would be to set up a field in the value table that uses an auto-enter calculation to combine the data from two fields such as:
               Field1 & " " & Field2

               You would set up a unique values validation option on this field.

               Then you would redefine your value list to list this combined field as the second field. You'd hide the first field.

               And sometimes it just doesn't really work to use a value list and then other methods for selecting the correct value can be used.

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                 Works perfect, thanks!