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Duplicated records when opening FM7 file in FM11

Question asked by AdamCornwell on Sep 29, 2011
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Duplicated records when opening FM7 file in FM11




We've been moving newer systems to Filemaker Pro 11 as needed, and while it doesn't seem like there have been many issues, one did come up recently. We have a database (single file) which was put together in Filemaker Pro 7, which when opened in Filemaker Pro 11, appears to have duplicate records for all records in some tables. In particular, it appears that they are all there in triplicate, and the duplicates seem to represent previous data- the latest 'version' of the record is there, along with two previous 'versions' as the result of prior modifications. The same file, when opened in Filemaker Pro 7, does not display these duplicate records.

Since FMP7 and 11 share the same file format, this seems mysterious, and I have not found any real reason for why this should be occuring. Does anyone have any experience with this, or better yet- solutions?