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    Duplicated text boxes viewing problem



      Duplicated text boxes viewing problem



      We have multiple users of filemaker 11 pro having the same issues with texts boxes appearing out of allignment and duplicated on the screen (see picture) If we close the window and open it up it is ok for a while and then after typing in the text fields it corrupts again shortly

      This has only just started happening we have been using the database for many years.
      We have tried updating VGA drivers etc but it makes no diffrence also this happens on multiple machines

      Hope someone might help pls


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          It's been years so my memory may not be accurate but I seem to recall that with certain graphics accelerator cards, you had to make adjustments to the driver. This was not a case of updating the driver but adjusting it to slightly slow down the acceleration.

          You might also run a recover on the file and/or test older back up copies of your file to see if the back ups or recovered copies show the same issue. You can also try setting up a simple test file with a few text fields to see if the new file as the same issue as that of the old.

          I've also seen issues with a Window redrawing incorrectly in FileMaker 10 that is resolved when you periodically re-install FileMaker on the machine...