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duplicates result when importing FM6 into FM6, using "match field"

Question asked by zalechadwick on Mar 8, 2011
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duplicates result when importing FM6 into FM6, using "match field"


FileMaker 6 on a PC:

--started with an existing FM6 database, "original"; made a clone with no records, "new"

--received excel files from other organizations

--imported these excel files into the "new" FM6 file

--now have two databases, "original" and "new"

--created a field entitled: "firstnamelastname" which automatically inputs the two mentioned fields; this field exists in both databases and I use it to find duplicates

--use "firstnamelastname" as a match field and import "new" FM6 database into "original" FM6 database, with "update matching records in found set," and "add remaining records" options selected with the following results:

----pre-import, "original" database had 4786 records (including 6 duplicates... that's 3 names duplicated) and "new" database has 2837 records (including 98 duplicates... 49 names duped)

----post-import, "original" database has 7040, with 1951 duplicates (sometimes there are three and four records which all show up as duplicates when I "find" "!" in the "firstnamelastname" field)

--clearly some of the records are "matching", but many are not, and yet FileMaker recognizes them as duplicates when I "find" "!", but not, apparently, when it performs the import.

any ideas?  Thanks