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Duplicating a Layout - Finding Correct Table

Question asked by LeoB on Dec 28, 2009
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Duplicating a Layout - Finding Correct Table


In my database I have six separate tables with about 30 fields in each.  Each table is essentially identical but each captures data about a different TYPE of activity.


I created a layout and report for the first table.  Works fine.  I want to use the exact same layout format for the other five tables.


I duplicated the first layout and then redirected it to the second table.  The form needed tweaking, but no problem.  Form view is fine and I can enter records.


However, when I am in the new layout and click on table view it redirects to the table view of the original table, not the redirected table.  If I go back to the original layout for the second table, the table view is fine and has captured all the new records from the new layout.


After looking through all the Help functions, I can find nothing on how to redirect the new layout for table 2 to view the correct table.


Any ideas?