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    Duplicating a record along with tasks



      Duplicating a record along with tasks


      I am using the task management user template. I have created a template along with standard tasks that have to be done on each record. I cannot figure out how to duplicate a record along with the tasks associated with the record. Currently if i duplicate the record the tasks are not copied.

      Thank you for your help.


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          The process would involve a script to loop through the template tasks and create new records.

          If for example you had a 2 tables Basic Projects (ie building a bird house) and Project Tasks (that lists each tasks for this project)

          Whenever you want to build a task in your task management system (ie all the  tasks from each project Im working on ex:user tasks table)

          You would execute a script via a button identifying which project you wish to add tasks for

          The logical(not syntax) execution for  this script is as follows

          Set variables based on  the project id 

          Go to the Project task table layout

          Find the task records

          go to the first record

          start a loop in which

          you set variables for the info the records you are going to create in  the user tasks table from  this task record

          go  to the user task table create a new recor

          set the values

          return to the project task table

          go to the next record

          repeat the loop till you have processed all the tasks.


          Someone else may have another approach but Id think it would follow a similar pattern


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            The tasks are in a related table of records so you'd need to use a script to duplicate them and update the duplicates with the appropriate ID number from the parent record.

            See this thread where a script that does this duplication has been posted: Duplicating Bill Of Materials (duplicating portal line items)