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    Duplicating fields in one layout



      Duplicating fields in one layout


      I have to create a report which contains a pickup and dropoff section.  The layout is modeled after one that MSDE has provided, so I don't have much flexibility in the appearance.  Beneath the header is a body with 9 repetitions of a set of fields about documents. Each document is a record. 

      So when the documents are picked up 9 are signed for at the top of the printed form.  However, I need to display the same 9 fields at the bottom of the layout for the dropoff section, where I sign to confirm the documents were returned to me. 

      Is this possible?

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          Hmm is this one record or nine records?

          I'd think that nine individual records might make more sense.

          I'm thinking in terms of these tables:


          This assumes that you might pick up and deliver the same document more than once--I have no way of knowing if that is ever the case or not.

          If so, you can create a new record in Deliveries for each time you pick up and drop off one or more documents. Portals to Deliver_Document would list the documents so transported and you can place two portals to delivery_document in the body of your layout in order to list the same documents twice.

          If you never deliver the same document twice, you'd use this relationship:


          and your two portals would refer to documents instead of the join table.

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             It will be one record for each document.  Essentially I need to make two  "body" sections, each with the same records.  The body section is set to allow 9 records before going to the next page, so when the document is full there will be 9 records on top and the identical 9 at the bottom of the page.  I don't know if that's possibe, or if I'm explaining it right, so I made a sample pic essentially showing what I need but with only 3 records on top, and the same 3 beneath. 


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              Two identical portals to the documents table can be used for this. See my previous post for details on that option.